Defend your economic, social and cultural rights in the world.

Peuples Solidaires relays calls in Europe for international mobilization, received from Latin-American, African and Asian organizations. Its members petition companies and governments. Seven times out of ten results are achieved.
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An action from A to Z
Who decides an intervention of Peuples Solidaires ? On what grounds ? With which guarantee ? What is the process of an action ? The secretariat investigates When the office of Peuples Solidaires receives a demand of intervention, it is first examined by the secretariat. Several parameters are (…)
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And things change…
In Rio Maria, in Brazil, the land is at the origin of many conflicts. Several trade unionists of the farming industry have been murdered. Still, the people who committed these murders have never been sued before court. Time after time, the members of Peuples Solidaires protested and, (…)
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TO CONTACT Peuples Solidaires info [at] peuples-solidaires [dot] org Peuples Solidaires Rennes 10, quai de Richemont – 35000 RENNES Fax : 332 99 30 60 53 Peuples Solidaires Paris 2B, rue Jules-Ferry – 93100 MONTREUIL Tel : 331 48 58 21 85 /Fax : 331 48 58 05 (…)
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How it all began ?
In August 1980, sixteen Bretons went on a tour of Brazil. Two years ago, Brazil emerged from the blackest period of the dictatorship and sarted opening up. Some exiles venture the coming back to the country. In Mayof the same year, The metalworkers of Sâo Paulo braved the giant of the car (…)
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Law through Solidarity
Peuples Solidaires is a gathering of citizens determined to use their powers of speech to help build a world of freedom and solidarity. Peuples Solidaires rallies public opinion in the Northern countries to support the men and women of the Southern countries in their struggle for economic and (…)
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Peuples Solidaires is a Network
The work of Peuples Solidaires and its efficiency are based on an interconnection, the number of ramifications of which increases constantly. No special correspondent collects the information, no missions of investigation confirms the information collected, but a pleiad of organisations, of (…)
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The membership of Peuples Solidaires
It is to answer to 4 or 5 calls a year (apart from July and August) One call doesn’t follow the other with the same regularity : We act in response to the needs of third world groups which ask for our help, our calls are therefore impossible to anticipate or to plan… We therefore (…)
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